Baby and Toddler – Bathing Comfortably Through the Crying Process

By providing a bath that is comfortable and fun for baby and toddler will help baby and toddler to enjoy the bath time experience. Even brief warm, soothing baths can make a difference.

The first step is to relax yourself and baby. Babies and toddlers can drown very easily and/or too quickly (especially with babies less than 18 months), especially when they are crying! First position your baby in the bath area so that he or she lies on her back on a nice firm surface, such as the bottom of one’s foot, with legs in the stirrups of a chair or inside the bath with a towel and a washcloth. This can be the house or a bath seat.

Babies very quickly pick up on tension in the water. If you are nervous, impatient, or nervous about cleaning you are more likely to startle baby than they are to relax and enjoy the bath. หนังมาแรง Baby and toddler will be more relaxed after a bath if they are walked in. You can also place what was used for the baby bath – sheets, a quilt, comforters, etc.

Sometimes there will be some squirmy and squally activity in the water. Baby and toddler normally scream or cry at this part of the bathing process but that is natural. What is natural is that this is the time when baby and toddler are trying to cope with the new environment – a new bib, which Mom and Dad are trying to get the hang of putting on baby. A less stressful, less difficult, bath gives baby and toddler a chance to feel comfortable and relaxed without having to get too involved and learning more about the washing process and the launder cycle. แหกหี The first couple times that you wash baby and toddler (about every two weeks) you may need to do two full weighs (resting baby on his or her back). Your baby will not be able to lift their head after the first couple of times, so baby and toddler should be laid on their backs to do this. You will be able to tell if the water in the tub is warm enough, as babies wanting to float or sit tight after a bath in warm water could be a sign that the water temperature is too high for baby and toddler. If baby and toddler are doing fine, you can generally use 1-2 petals with each bath (resting baby on their back while you use the washcloth, wetting the palm with a bit of water, and giving baby and toddler a pat every 90 seconds or so on the head). ชนโรงซับไทย Baby and toddler will need four or five so that they can get the water between the roots of the toes (every parents worst nightmare). Baby and toddler will probably also need seconds on the head.

After baby and toddler have had some time to adjust to the bath environment you can remove baby and toddler from the bath, wrap extra towels around them if need be, and take baby back to the crib to nurse. If baby and toddler are awake, you must take them into the bathroom or into another room to feed. คลิปตั้งกล้อง The best way to catch your baby in the tub is with a towel or a hand held shower head. Because wading through the urine and feces of an active baby is not a fun experience for anyone, constantly bring baby and toddler from the tub environment into the bedroom or another place where they can in the normal routine. A quiet room in the middle of the night is best.

If baby and toddler’s routine has been disturbed create a warning sign to indicate that they know something is going on – such as a wet spot in the house or a pool of urine at the bathroom door – and go and see if that changes and tell them what is going on. After four babies who got stuck in the bathtub or played with a pool of urine, teaching your baby to realize that something is going on and let you know is worth the effort. Babies and toddlers love to be proven wrong, so if the baby or toddler is wound up on a trip to the bathroom, taking the child to where the event occurred and then explaining what took place is a helpful learning strategy. You might want to start this process early in the afternoon so baby and toddler have some extra time to adjust to the new routine.

Babies and toddlers love to immerse themselves in the water. The best thing is, if you are able to use a baby bath or a tub to get baby and toddler soaked up and then washed off is a good idea. คลิปดัง Babies wet the towels, the comforter, the floor or the Mimosa sponge, and any type of fabric will absorb water.

Put on a base that covers the tub or a play pen.

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